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Westbeach Recorders Hollywood, CA

Thursday, June 10th, 1993

Studio Session for "Robbin’ The Hood"

  • Footage from the recording session exists (as seen on the STP video)

More info about the session:

  • So in your 20-year history, what's the one band you wished wouldn't have slipped through your fingers?

Sublime. They did a record on Skunk where they covered a Bad Religion song. I heard about it and was like, "You guys are rad." So I brought them in my studio was West Beach to just to demos and paid for it, no strings attached, because I thought it would be cool if they signed to Epitaph. But I was on tour with Bad Religion at the time, so I asked my partner at West Beach to do the demos. When I got back from tour, the tapes were killer, but my partner said, "Hey man, these guys are drinking 40s and smoking crack in the studio." And at the time, I was clean and sober, and working really heard at it, so it scared me to work with them based on that, and not based on the music. And the record that I funded the demos for got them signed, and they ended up ruling the world, or at least the West Coast.