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The Shack Anaheim, CA

Saturday, April 6th, 1996

21 and over



"The Shack"


Anaheim, Ca - April 6th, 1996

Setlist from this night

  1. Ball And Chain
  2. April 26 1992
  3. Date Rape
  4. Lets Go Get Stoned
  5. Saw Red
  6. Sour Grapes
  7. All You Need
  8. Work That We Do
  9. Doin Time (Ska Version)
  10. Get Ready
  11. Santeria
  12. Same In The End
  13. Dont push
  14. Right back
  15. New Thrash
  16. Paddle Out
  17. Wrong Way
  18. Pool Shark
  19. Jailhouse


  • Supposedly the only show that exists where Brad plays Santeria, April 26, 1992 and a Ska version of Doin' Time. Doin time starts in the middle of Work That We Do

Every time seeing them live from backstage or the side it was like they were playing the album before anything was released plus any dub takes of there OG shit.]

  • Screen Grab