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Cal State University Fresno Fresno, CA

Tuesday, February 13th, 1996


Bands performed:

  • Van Gogh's Daughter


"That show was awesome! Sublime was doing the University circuit that year and they came to Fresno State University and played at the Satellite Student Union. There was maybe 200 people there, pretty small venue. The songs that I remember them playing were: Date Rape, Saw Red, Smoke Two Joints, Scarlet Begonias, 40 Oz to Freedom, We’re Only Gonna Die, The Ballad of Johnny Butt, Pawn Shop, D.J’s, All You Need, Badfish, Paddle Out & Right Back just to name some. That whole place was smoked out, I swear I got a contact high that night. It was mainly university students that were there. Definitely a show that sticks out in my mind. I got to meet the band that night waiting for them by their tour bus." -Chris Carter