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Total Access Studios Redondo Beach, CA

Friday, January 25th - Wednesday, January 31st, 1996

  • This is where Sublime worked on the self titled album with David Kahne
  • Songs recorded here:
  1. Doin' Time
  2. What I Got (Kahne version)
  3. April 29th, 1992 (Miami)
  4. Caress Me Down

All photos courtesy of Josh Coffman.


Blaine Kaplan

Sublime's co-manager

"It was now time to record the MCA album. They went into a studio with David Kahne and recorded 'What I Got,' 'Caress Me Down,' 'Doin' Time,' and 'Miami.' The Morning after the first night in the studio, David called both me and Jon at six in the morning and he was freaking out. He almost quit, he wasn't going to finish it. The guys were raging, partying, hardcore. Jon talked him down, telling him, 'I know things seem crazy, but I know they really want to make this music. It seems hectic now but once you get down to it, it'll be cool.

"They got through those four songs and Miguel said they learned so much from him.