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Jon Phillips' Living Room Hollywood, CA


I knew Brad and I knew Miguel, and I asked them to come up to my house in the Hollywood Hills. I said, 'Let's set up one afternoon. I'll have a party, you can play.' I had a cool deck that overlooks the city. 'We'll have a few people over, buy you guys some weed. We'll have this cool Hari Krishna guy come over and cater the party. It'll just be good.

They played the two most amazing sets in my living room. It was the most awesome day, until the cops came and broke it up. Brad made a mike stand out of this Stop sign we ripped off from the street.

I look back and it's just in memories. I've got no pictures or video from that day. And we had Traci Lords porn videos in the background behind them playing--it was all pretty amazing.

-Jon Phillips

Crazy Fool: Portrait of a Punk - Brad Nowell